A Photo Essay in Fall Leaves

Glorious Autumn, in all its warmly-hued abundance–God’s fall palette never fails to minister deeply to my soul.

My most favorite time of year yields a fleeting fruit–one that necessitates intentional savoring–for too soon the last one flits from view, falling foliage, baring branches until the Springtime. Fall leaves will ever be my favorite Divine medium.

Here, a smattering of brilliant beauty I was privileged to behold this season…captured in time.

The metamorphosis begins…

…there are no words!
My favorite kind of fall bouquet.

Each fall my kids and I go on a “Leaf Walk”–in pursuit of
brilliant treasures to adorn our kitchen table.
I like to freshen them every few days!
Fall FUN!!


May God bless you with eyes to relish His glory this season! -LMB

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