Desperately Seeking Autumn

I am what you might call a “Fall Nut”. (An acorn, then?) All
sticky-summer long while the temperatures soar, I long for crisp fall breezes
and the crimsons, marigolds, burnt oranges and burgundies that abound this time
of year, my favorite season by far. I
typically haul my fall décor bins up from the basement around the end of
August, when I can take it no more. This year, my five-year-old son initiated it,
proof that I have effectively indoctrinated my children with my love of all
things fall. They revel, as I do, in pulling out the golden-leafed garlands,
fat, stuffed pumpkins, and beloved harvest-time crafts from years past, while fondly
recalling the Autumns that birthed them.
Perhaps I adore this time of year because I made my debut in the midst of it…my birthday is in October, making this already delicious month all the more delectable! Or maybe it is my Phoenecian roots, where it is perpetually golf weather, and fall leaves are but a legend. My mom loves to tell the story of my preschool-age brother asking, “Mom, what’s a fall leaf?”
It was then that my parents initiated an annual autumnal trip up north to Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona, to give us poor desert-dwelling children an education in the four seasons. There we would picnic under a canopy of crisp leaves the size of our heads, drink apple cider, and frolic in the glorious fall foliage. These outings remain one of my most treasured memories from childhood. Now, a Coloradan, I am blessed to witness, each fall out my own kitchen window, the magnificient unfurling of one of the most dramatic spectacles nature affords us: the colors of fall!
My passion for Autumn is rooted in the coziness; the closeness it inspires. The romanticism of the magically transformed landscape, hued warmly golden. The comforting hum of the football game in the background, while savory deliciousness simmers on the stove, and sweet, spicy aromas waft enticingly from the oven. The softest of sweaters, scarves, and buttery leathers, in a palette reminiscent of the richest cornucopia. The inviting hominess warming family gatherings, souls connecting, drinking in the warm elixir of thankfulness, together.
Autumn is upon us! May God bless you with eyes to appreciate
the many facets of His glorious abundance, as evidenced by the season!
land yields its harvest; God,
our God, blesses us.” Psalm 67:6

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