The Remedy for the Festive Frenzy…



…It’s so easy to succumb to the festive frenzy this time of year…the hustle and bustle can swallow us–trappings and all. Merry becomes miserable and our spinning, our demise…while the original grinch gloats gleefully.

(Surely we were made for more…)

So grateful for these two truths God’s set ringing softly within when I still myself enough to listen–tiny Christmas bells gifting the grace; the peace this season is about:

“Only ONE thing is needed.” Luke 10:42

“I lack NOTHING.” Psalm 23:1

…Read, recite, repeat–for an instant wash of seasonal serenity.

Merry Christmas, dear ones, and be well…

With all my love, Leslie xoxo

2 thoughts on “The Remedy for the Festive Frenzy…

  1. This is a great reminder, Leslie! Thanks for being a “tether” that brings us back to perspective, this Christmas season.

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